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Consumer Rights
1.Right to Safety :
Consumers have a right to be protected against marketing of goods which are injurious to health and life. As a consumer if you are conscious of this right, you can take precautions to prevent injury or if injury is caused in spite of precaution, you have a right to complain against the dealer.

2.Right to be informed :

Consumers also have the right to be informed about the quantity, quality, purity, standard, grade and price of the goods available to them.

3.Right to choose :

Every Consumer has the right to choose the goods needed from a wide variety of similar goods. Sometimes, consumers are also carried away by the advertisements on T.V. These possibilities can be avoided if consumers are conscious of this right.

4.Right to be Heard :

Consumers have a right to be heard by manufacturers, dealers and advertisers about their opinions and grievances. Also consumers have the right to be heard in legal proceedings in law courts dealing with consumer rights. Consumers also have rights to be consulted by the Government and public bodies when decisions or policies are made affecting Consumer Interest .

5.Right to be seek Redressal :

Consumer have a right to obtain redress - to seek legal remedies in the appropriate court of law. This right also provides for due compensation to the consumers if they have suffered a loss or are put to inconvenience due to the fault of the supplier or manufacturer .

6.Right to be Consumer Education :

Consumer Education empowers consumers to exercise their consumer rights. To prevent market malpractices and exploitation of consumers, consumer awareness and education is essential. For this purpose, Consumer associations, educational institutions & Government policy makers are expected to enable consumers to be informed and educated about their rights.

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