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Interesting case :
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May 2012 :
Sector : Airlines
Complaint no: 377175
Consumer’s Name: Mr. T. Balaji Prasad
Complaint against: Indigo Airlines

Mr. T Balaji from Chennai has described the severe trouble he faced when his luggage was lost (which contained important documents pertaining to the new job he was supposed to join the following day) while travelling on Indigo Flight No. 6E-237 from Chennai to Ahmadabad on 9/5/2012 . He landed in Ahmedabad at 5:00 P.M and found out that his luggage is missing. He lodged a complaint immediately. He spoke to the officials at the airport but he could not trace his baggage upto 8:04 PM. After tremendous effort he managed to contact Indigo Airline's Delhi Office who informed him that his baggage was erroneously diverted to Jaipur and he would get his bag on the following day at the earliest. But his bag was not delivered even on the next day at his door steps as they told him that they were putting his luggage on some bus to Jamnagar, so he needed to collect his bag from the bus stand at Jamnagar at 3:15 AM. After a number of discussions, he received the bag on 11th May 2012 at 7:30 AM. He was informed that he would get a call from customer care department of Indigo Airlines for the inconvenience faced but till now he has not received any mail or call from the airlines. He just got an e-mail on 18/5/2012 from the airlines that his problem was closed.

Why the case is Interesting:
This case is interesting because here the consumer has suffered mental harassment because he had to join his new job the very next day along with the documents which were in the missing luggage, & the airlines could not deliver his luggage at his door step & the consumer had to rush to the bus stand in the morning at 3:00 AM, to collect the luggage, it shows the deficiency in services by the airlines & above all the airlines has not apologised or paid any compensation to the consumer.
Sector : Telecom
Complaint no: 376981
Consumer’s Name: Mr. Ravi Kant Sharma
Complaint against: Bharti Airtel Ltd.

He purchased an Airtel recharge coupon of Rs. 30/- had a talk time of Rs. 23.70 but he received talk time of only Rs. 6.90. On complaining to the Airtel customer care, he was told that he had purchased Rs. 10/- recharge coupon and not Rs. 30/- coupon as claimed by him.

Why the case is Interesting:
This complaint highlights the poor back-office management at Airtel wherein they are not even able to keep proper records of top-up vouchers being sold. There could be even a possibility of duplicate coupons having same number but different denomination.
April 2012 :
Sector : Medical Negligence
Complaint no: 365584
Consumer’s Name: Shri Hari Om Nama
Complaint against: Kiran Hospital and Infinity Center

His complaint is against Kiran Hospital and Infinity Center . During the delivery of his child, child got some cut on the skull by the doctor's scissors and the Doctor hide the truth and made stitches to the skull without informing the family. Now his child is thirteen months old and the child did not show signs of activity. Subsequently he went to a child specialist who suggested him for some test. In test reports he came to know that there are stitches in his skull and doctor told him that at the time of his child birth doctor stitched his brain (Skull) and due to this, child's mind is not functioning properly means child is mentally retarded.

Why the case is Interesting:
This complaint highlights 3 issues in consumer harassment namely- 1) The Doctor has tried to hide the truth 2) In a case CIVIL APPEAL NO. 3541 OF 2002,Martin F.D’Souza ..-versus-Mohd. Ishfaq Supreme Court has quoted- In Halsbury’s Laws of England the degree of skill and care required by a medical practitioner is stated as follows : “The practitioner must bring to his task a reasonable degree of skill and knowledge, and must exercise a reasonable degree of care. Neither the very highest nor a very low degree of care and competence, judged in the light of the particular circumstances of each case, is what the law requires”. 3) It is the case of medical negligence
Sector : Banking ____________________________________________________________________
Complaint no: 369158
Consumer’s Name: Shri Sanjay Kumar
Complaint against: State Bank of India, Jind

Consumer wanted to complaint against SBI Jind - They had a fixed deposit with post office (in his sisters name) and was in need of money. They broke the fixed deposit and withdrew money 2-3 months before it's maturity date. An amount of Rs. 49833 was given to them after deduction of some amount for premature withdrawal of money from the fixed deposit, through a cheque. - The consumer deposited the cheque in his savings account with state Bank of India, Jind branch on 10th March 2012. The SBI bank informed them that the cheque is lost by State Bank of Patiala, in which it was forwarded and the investigation process will take 3 to 4 months time - wanted to know what to do to get some early action and urgent help.

Why the case is Interesting:
This case is interesting because here due to bank’s mistake the cheque is lost , bank accepted mistake instead of paying back the amount making excuses at the cost of consumer. The bank is saying that the redressal and any further investigation will take 3-4 months time. It is interesting because they want to investigate their admitted mistake, forgetting Sanjay kumar. This case shows the suffering, misfortune and Irony of a consumer. He withdraws the FD just before 2-3 months of its maturity and now that cheque is misplaced by the bank.
March 2012 :
Sector : Electricity:
Complaint no: 363578
Consumer’s Name: Shri Sambhu Rajat
Complaint against: Bihar State Electricity Board

His complaint is that there is no electricity connection in his house as well as in the neighboring area. He is a BPL card holder, and Bihar Govt. has declared a scheme that BPL card holders can apply for an (Bihar State Electricity Board) electricity connection. In 2001 consumer had applied for an electricity connection which has not been provided by the electricity board. Infact, even an electricity pole has not been installed in his area. Moreover, he received an electricity bill of Rs.13000/- on 13/3/2012 from the Electricity wide Bill No- 7834. The consumer’s concern is simple and straight, which is why should he pay the bill when he does not have an electricity connection provided by the board.

Why the case is Interesting:

This complaint highlights 3 issues in consumer harassment namely-
1. An electricity bill is received in the consumer’s name without his having an electricity connection.
2. Service provider cannot send an advance bill. If someone has received the same, from any authority then he can make a complaint with the concerned Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate of his area.
3. Consumer can move to the Dist. Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum or Civil Court to get the compensation against such harassment.
Sector : Misleading Ads
Complaint no: 359987
Consumer’s Name: Shri Vipin Pathak
Complaint against: PepsiCo

PepsiCo was running a commercial which said ‘Katrina Ka Number Crown Ke Under’. The commercial asks customers to look under the crown to find a number which is supposed to be Katrina Kaif, the movie star’s phone number. Instead of the star’s number, the phone number given in the advertisement was of a NOIDA-based professional, Mr. Vipin Pathak. His phone kept ringing non-stop causing unnecessary harassment.

Why the case is Interesting:

• He was receiving undesirable calls for no fault of his.
• He enquired from service provider, Airtel, who responded that they are not aware.
• On telephonic complaint, consumer could not get proper answer from PepsiCo. NCH Suggestions:
• Advised the complainant to complain to the manufacturing company- PepsiCo Inc.
• He can also complain to the Advertising Standard Council of India. On complaining to PepsiCo Inc., PepsiCo Inc. accepted the mistake and gave him a new prepaid cell phone number along with company gifts.
Sector : Insurance
Complaint no: 354742
Consumer’s Name: Mr Mukthar / Ms Mubhesra
Complaint against: ICICI Lombard

Mr. Mukthar’s cousin took a mediclaim policy from ICICI Lombard. His cousin's daughter was hospitalized from 19th July 2011 to 21st July 2011 due to typhoid and he applied for claim (claim no- 220100158415). The claim amount was Rs.22000. The Company's executive checked the claimant’s daughter’s attendance in school register.

He saw that she was present for that period, due to which the company rejected his claim, he gave a letter through School Principal to the company that it was the schools’ mistake & patient was absent at that time, but still the company rejected to give the claim stating that all this is fraud.

Why the case is Interesting: This case is interesting because here, due to school's mistake the insurance company rejected the consumer's claim.

The child is supposed to be absent from the school for 3 days as she was hospitalized but the school marked her as present in her attendance record. This was enough ground for insurance company to reject the claim. Once the reason of rejection was communicated, consumer went back to the school and requested the school to mark her as absent; school admitted the mistake and marked her absent. Insurance company refused to accept it and called it fraud.
Sector : Telecom
Complaint no: 354254
Consumer’s Name: Mr. Mohsin Kamal Complaint against: TATA Docomo

Mr. Mohsin is using Tata Docomo’s prepaid connection no-9045129473 which he ported to BSNL on 1/2/2012. The porting was completed on 2/2/2012. He got the BSNL connection recharged by Rs.102. His complaint is that his outgoing & incoming is barred in BSNL but internet and SMS service is activated. Also his TATA Docomo services remained activate even though his connection had been ported from TATA Docomo to BSNL.

Why the case is Interesting: This complaint highlights the callous attitude of service providers towards their customers and the helplessness being faced by customers, namely-

1. The Mobile Number Portability System (MNP) is not fool-proof technically i.e. the system of handing over and taking over is not being followed properly either by the releasing service provider or the acquiring service provider.

2. Whom should the consumer complain in these cases?

3. Both the service providers are not concerned about the services provided to the consumer who is the owner of one mobile number but a customer of two service providers. This seems to be happening rather frequently with MNP. Releasing provider has no further relationship with the subscriber so he feels he is not responsible to the subscriber and acquiring provider feels it is not his fault so he is not responsible as well. The subscriber has no recourse.
Sector : Automobile
Consumer Complaint Docket No 320648 at NCH...
Concealing of vital facts of electric batterydriven Car ‘Rewa’ by the company Mahindra & Mahindra on sale of the vehicle.
A consumer from Bangalore has brought vital fact of the above car into the limelight : He has purchased a Electric Battery car REWA in Feb 2007... 

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Sector : Travel & Tours
Consumer Complaint Docket No 321393 at NCH...

Hiding of facts with respect to total payment to be made for enrolling for a membership of Country Club. 
Consumer was lured by two agents of Country Club for enrolling as a member for 25 years at a sum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs(Payment on EMI basis) with an initial free package of 6 days & 7 night....

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Sector : Medical Negligence
Consumer Complaint Docket No 299865 at NCH...

The Complainants father was diabetic and developed piles and a clot in his Anus. He was admitted to a private hospital in, Jalgaon (Mah) from 20/05/ to 25/05/2011. The doctors told that the piles /clot shall be cured/removed externally but the doctors operated upon the patient without prior consent of the attendant/family. Since the patient was diabetic he started bleeding profusely after the operation. They referred the case to another Hospital who advised that the patient has been operated upon wrongly and that the case had gone out of control. The patient died due to this negligence of the Doctors.

This is an interesting case of Medical Negligence as: -

• The doctor advised the family that the piles shall be treated externally only
• The doctors operated upon the patient without the family’s consent
• The doctor ignored the fact that the patient was diabetic such operations  
   could lead to heavy bleeding.

The case is a clear case of Medical Negligence and merits judicial intervention for punishment to the Doctor and suitable compensation to the bereaved family.
Sector : Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures)
Consumer Complaint Docket No  at NCH...

1. Call Docket No. 305593 from Maharashtra
2. Call Docket No. 305675 from Bihar

As per the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 –

No retail dealer or other person including manufacturer, packer, importer and wholesaler dealer shall make any sale of any commodity in packed form at a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P.).

Shopkeepers of not only Maharashtra and Bihar but also of other states are charging more than M.R.P. for packaged milk and soft drinks on lame plea by telling consumers that they are charging more than M.R.P. because they are cooling it i.e. extra than M.R.P. is a cooling charges.

It is clear cheating with consumers and illegal also. In such cases consumer should come forward and complaint to Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures) Department of state where cheating has occurred.
Sector : Food
Consumer Complaint Docket No 322094 at NCH...

Fooling Consumers:

Putting advance manufacturing date on packaged food articles Received call (Docket No. 322094), wherein the complainant informed that on September 24, 2011 he has purchased a pack of SON PAPDI of reputed company showing the manufacturing date as October 01, 2011.

On such packaged food products manufacturing date and best before date declaration is statutory. By putting advance manufacturing date, its best before date will automatically be advanced i.e. manufacturer gets more period to sell its product by adopting such unethical and illegal practice.

Such manufacturers should be exposed and punished by lodging complaint to Food Safety Commissioner of State / Union Territory or by filing case to Consumer Forum.
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